What’s so bad in energy drinks? energy drinks

There’s a huge mistake to think that energy drinks are safe because they are on the shelves and so prevalent in the market. Several countries have banned energy drinks because of their negative effects on health (Article NBC News). Energy drinks are not healthy due to the combination of mega-doses of caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners and also the unbalanced levels of amino acids in abnormal amounts it causes a variety of changes in the body.

The labeling laws do not require the amount of caffeine is displayed. Some brands contain caffeine equivalent of 14 cans of Coca-Cola only an energy drink to 500 mg. These levels of caffeine can be toxic, especially when combined with high levels of sugar, which itself can cause arterial spasms.

These ingredients can simulate the same conditions that are detected in the blood of people who are about to have a heart attack or a stroke. Studies have shown that, while consuming only a can of a popular energy drink, increases the risk of heart attack or stroke, even for youngsters.

These beverages can become additive is a vicious cycle. You feel good, work hard, then just a feeling and you feel the need to take another.

Energy Drinks Diet

Diet energy drinks are no better for you than those containing sugar, in fact, may be worse. Energy drinks diet can create a very toxic to the brain. The concentration of amino acid found in Nutrisweet (aspartame) causes the death of brain cells, it produces a neurotoxin. Aspartame is decomposed and metabolized in the body into wood alcohol (methynol), which is even more toxic than the alcohol.

Interestingly recovering alcoholics pass easily from alcohol dependence to addiction sweetener diet because they satisfy dependency centers of the brain.

Is a dangerous combination when you mix alcohol with energy drinks. These energy drinks give consumers a false sense of alertness, which can cause them to make mistakes in judgment much more critical, such as the feeling that they are good to drive, once you “feel” so alert …

Only a Red Bull can kill … but it happens faster if you combine with alcohol.

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