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Wild blueberry is the fruit of a plant of the Ericaceae family, a kind of shrub that has delicate white flowers, pink in the winter; the shrub can reach 1.5 to 3 meters high.

The fruit is used in jams, fruit sauces and sweets; it has an unquestionable nutritional value containing substances such as tannin, malic acid, citric acid, pectin and vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B in small quantities.

Because Wild blueberry are rich in medicinal substances and have a powerful antioxidant action, it was named the “longevity fruit”.

It acts in cases of severe diarrhea, in relieving inflammation of mouth and in colds, and also it has been widely used against fevers.


One of its components, myrtillin, has an antibacterial action, currently being accepted as a treatment for recurrent urinary infection of the lower tract airways, primarily by ingesting the juice.Wild blueberry

Wild blueberry is a plant that also helps in the restoration of the small circulation and because of that, it is used in retinopathies, poor renal perfusion and in pre-diabetic syndrome.

Recent studies show that Wild blueberry is also very effective in fighting free radicals and bad cholesterol in the human body.